How Does a Self Cleaning Chlorinator Work

Are you wondering how a self cleaning saltwater chlorinator works? You’ve come to the right place.

Self-cleaning chlorinators use a basic knowledge of chemistry and a process called reverse polarity to clean themselves.

Simply put, positive charges are attracted to negative charges.

Calcium is a positively charged ion. Saltwater chlorinator cells are negatively charged. Therefore, the calcium is attracted to the chlorinator cells.

The longer chlorinator cells sit in water exposed to calcium, the more mineral buildup they will generate. After a certain point, calcium and other mineral build ups will disable the cells.

A self cleaning saltwater chlorinator will switch up the polarity of the cells using a control unit. This control unit will frequently change the cell’s polarity. Doing so will push the calcium buildup away from the chlorinator, keeping it clean and functional.

Why Choose a Self Cleaning Chlorinator?

Saltwater Chlorinators naturally accumulate buildup, such as calcium residue, that will eventually disable or even destroy chlorinators. Having a self cleaning chlorinator is beneficial in several ways.

Self Cleaning Saltwater Chlorinators Are Low Maintenance

Having a system that cleans itself helps you, the pool owner, by taking this cleaning task off your mind and off your chore list, granting you the freedom to enjoy your time and use your pool more often.

They Are Effective

You will never have to clean your self cleaning chlorinator; that’s how effective their system has become. They automatically switch polarities as needed on a pre-set interval for maximum effectiveness. This also prolongs the life of the saltwater cell’s charged plates.

Self-Cleaning Saltwater Chlorinators Save Money

Unless you’re the type of person always to be 100% on top of regular maintenance, you’ll likely forget to clean your chlorinator at some point or another. Neglecting to clean the system will cost you a considerable amount of money, especially when you need to repair or replace saltwater cells that have been damaged.

They Eliminate Irritation

While many other systems use a lot of chlorine to clean the pool, these systems remove the skin irritation that chlorine usually causes. The water is also a beautiful color, odor-free, and cleaner in general.

How to Maintain a Self-Cleaning Saltwater Chlorinator System

Maintenance is effortless. It is recommended to examine the cells for mineral buildup once every 130 days or so. As long as there is no buildup, no other care is needed.

If on the rare chance you do discover buildup, you can always clean the salt cell’s charged plates with muriatic acid.

How to Clean a Saltwater Chlorinator Cell

The chances are high that you’ll never need to clean your saltwater chlorinator’s cell-charged plates. If you do, the solution is relatively simple- muriatic acid.

First, turn the saltwater chlorinator system off. Using your manufacturer’s directions, read how to remove the system. Then you may open the system and remove the cell.

Next, add protection to create a barrier between your body and the acid. Protective, water-resistant clothing, eyewear, and gloves are strongly recommended.

Add one part of muriatic acid for every five parts of water, and allow to soak for fifteen minutes. Use the lowest setting of a pressure washer, or a high-pressure water hose, to rinse off any visible deposits.

If you see any deposits, repeat the muriatic soak and rinse process until the salt cell’s plates appear clean.

Once the cells are clean, reinstall them back into the system. You can find specific instructions to do this within your owner’s manual or manufacturer’s directions. Be sure to turn the unit back on when finished.

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In Conclusion

Self-cleaning saltwater chlorinators are a fantastic invention that pool owners love and appreciate for their durability, low-to-no-maintenance needs, and cleaning abilities.

If you would like to learn more about good pool maintenance and the tools that make good pool maintenance possible, be sure to check out our blog for a treasure-trove of helpful information.

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